Taste for adventure

Taste for Adventure is a Registered Charity (No: 1027330) founded in 1991 by the late J H “Brummie” Stokes, MBE BEM, ex-SAS and Everest summiteer and his wife Lynn Stokes MBE. After 30 years of living ‘on the edge’ “Brummie” wanted to invest in the future by empowering less privileged young people, helping them to fulfil their potential through the medium of outdoor challenge.

From its small beginnings in “Brummie’s” back garden, Taste for Adventure grew and expanded and for many years its operation was from the residential centre at Credenhill, near Hereford.

In 2018 Taste for Adventure moved from Credenhill and opened its new indoor climbing facility, the Boulder Barn.  From here we continue to offer affordable climbing for the local community and help the disadvantaged enjoy the challenge of adventurous activities including off-site activities for our target groups. All profits generated from the Boulder Barn go back help fund our charitable work.


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